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The history of the Glyfada Golf Course begins in 1960, when the Municipality of Glyfada leased an area of 530 acres to the EOT (the Hellenic National Organisation of Tourism) for the construction of a golf course in the coastal area, which was covered with pine trees, dunes and low and dense wooded vegetation. At the time, the place was known as a hunting ground for turtle doves. Back in the 50’s, it was used as a cavalry camp, hence the existence of the Church of St. Demetrios, built so that the soldiers could attend Mass.

Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the landscape (natural creek, seaside view), the renowned golf architect Donald Harradine built an 18-hole golf course in 1962, which still exists. Harradine had many new trees planted along the fairways, mainly the pine trees native to the region. A characteristic feature of the course were the wooden bridges over the creek at the 1st,9th, 15th and 16th holes crossed by golfers carrying their carts.

The course opened with nine holes in the beginning of 1962, and six months later all 18 holes were completed.

A significant modification was made in 1978 by Robert Trent Jones, as part of the preparations for the 27th World Cup Series. An automatic irrigation system was designed and installed throughout the course and the creek was carefully covered and converted into a flat ravine, as the first electric golf cars made their appearance . Later, the addition of sand traps (bunkers) on the fairways, increased the degree of difficulty of the course.

In 1965, EOT, unable to preserve and maintain the course, gave it to the founding members of the Glyfada Golf Club, until the end of the contract with the Municipality of Glyfada in 1992. Since 1993, the golf course has been run by the Municipality of Glyfada as a municipal enterprise, making the sport of golf affordable for anyone.

Apart from the daily physical exercise of professionals and amateurs, the Glyfada golf course has become a center for the development of golf all over Greece and has hosted great events and personalities of the golfing world and beyond.

In 1966, Tony Lima and Roberto Dovicenzo took part in Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf tournament at Glyfada, attracting the attention of the golfing world to Greece’s only golf course.

In 1979, 45 countries sent golfers to the World Cup at Glyfada – a triumph for Greece.

In 1991, the best amateur golfers in the Mediterranean region took part in the XI Mediterranean Golf Games.George Nikitaedes won Greece’s first-ever medal in golf there.

In 1999-2002 the European Seniors golf games were hosted at Glyfada, with the participation of many legends of professional golf.

In 2004 the Greek Golf Federation hosted the European Champion Clubs’ Cup.

In 2011 the Special Olympics for the sport of Golf took place there ,with a huge participation of athletes and escorts.

The Faldo Series Greece Championship for children was held at Glyfada in July 2012, hosted by the golfing superstar Sir Nick Faldo himself. Every year, major competitions and championships are held on the golf grounds, enriching and improving the sport of golf.

The Glyfada Golf Course of international standards, is a green construction, set in a landscape of low hills, large trees and low Mediterranean vegetation.

Located only 1.5 km from the sea and blessed , with a mild climate, with towering Mount Hymettus to the north east and most importantly, only 35 minutes from Eleftherios Venizelos airport, the port of Piraeus and the Athens city center, the Glyfada Golf Course, is the perfect place not only to enjoy your favorite sport of golf throughout the year, but also to bring your whole family for a delightful outing.





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